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Frequently asked


  • Who is your compliance e-learning for?
    Our courses are for any organisation wanting to upskill their staff in compliance procedures.
  • Why should I purchase your e-learning content?
    Our modernised and engaging e-learning meets it's learning objectives by making the use of micro-learning techniques so your staff can learn and retain information quickly and easily without the need to sit for hours at a screen.
  • What is microlearning?
    Microlearning is an approach to learning that delivers content in smaller, specific units, typically through short bursts of learning content. Our courses are designed to be concise, focused, and easily digestible.
  • Will your e-learning work on my LMS?
    Our courses are downloadable in SCORM 1.2 format with completion reporting set to "Passed/Incomplete". Get in touch using our contact form if you have other LMS specifications that we can adhere to.
  • Can I demo your e-learning?
    Please get in touch through our contact form and we can provide a demo of the course(s) you wish to view.
  • What if I don't have an LMS?
    We offer online hosting for your learning content that can be shared with your staff to complete. Please get in touch using our contact form to discuss.
  • Are you WCAG compliant?
    We fully adhere to the 'web content accessibility guidelines' in our learning content. Each of our courses have alternative text for images, ensure keyboard accessibility, use clear and understandable language, and are designed in a way that is compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers.
  • Do you offer bespoke solutions?
    For an additional fee we can include custom branding, logos, theme colors and make additions to the content of our courses. Please get in touch via our contact form to discuss.
  • Do you offer technical support?
    We provide technical support should an issue arise with our learning courses. We aim to resolve issues within 48 hours of a support request being raised. Please contact us with an explanation of the issue, including the browser and device being used to view the learning course.
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