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About Us


First and foremost, we hate boring e-learning!

Long, bland, and drawn out compliance training can quickly drain the enthusiasm of any new starter and waste the precious time of current staff, removing them from focusing on their actual day job.

Our courses are designed with the learner in mind with a sleek design and modern interactions to ensure full engagement.

We use microlearning methods to achieve learning objectives quickly with maximum retention benefits to the learner. This saves your staff from clicking through endless e-learning modules wasting hours of their time and remembering very little information.

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Compliance learning

All of our training courses are...


Our courses clock in at a completion time of no more than 15 minutes. Short, focused content captures our learner's attention and breaks down complex topics into digestible chunks. This is better for long-term memory retention.


We provide out of the box learning content that's labelled with our own branding.

If you wish for your brand specifics to be displayed in our courses, get in touch below.

Device compatible

Our training is available on any devices that can connect to the internet. Our adaptive content fits perfectly on any screen size whether it's a PC or mobile device.


Nothing is more boring than outdated learning content. Our signature designs and modern parallax scrolling navigation ensures full user engagement from start to finish.

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